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Christian Art Gifts Blessing In A Box - Assorted 

Great to keep in your purse or car and hand out to individuals you encounter during your day. Let them know someone cares and someone is praying for them.

BX076 Bible Promises (New)

Tucked safely inside a sturdy lidded box, the 101 Bible Promises For Your Every Need Box of Blessings is portable inspiration to sustain you on life's journey.

The sturdy lidded box is decorated in an ebony black woodgrain design, and both the box and the lid are accented with silver scrollwork designs. The title is printed in bold white lettering.

101 Bible Promises for Your Every Need

These 101 inspiring promises from God's Word will bless and encourage you when you need strength. Each of the 51 double-sided cards features its own design using a series of teal and burgundy accents. A unique Bible verse can be found on both the front and back of each card. These Bible verses will uplift your spirit and strengthen your faith.

The cards in the 101 Bible Promises For Your Every Need Box of Blessings can be used to reach out to people you meet during your day to encourage them. It can also be added to a letter written to a friend or used as Bible memory verse prompts.

Share the 101 Bible Promises For Your Every Need Box of Blessings with a friend or Sunday school teacher to use in her class. These little boxes are just the right size to add to a teacher gift or to use as a stocking stuffer. The 101 Bible Promises For Your Every Need Box of Blessings will encourage a friend going through a challenging time.

  • Series of designs 
  • 51 double-sided cards 
  • Bible verse on front and back
  • Sturdy box with lid 
  • Card size: 3.4" x 2.3" (87 x 58 mm) 
  • Box size: 3.8" x 2.7" x 1.1" (97 x 69 x 28 mm)

BX121 Prayers to Strengthen Your Faith

Experience the blessings and power that comes from praying through the 50 Prayers That Strengthen Your Faith contained in this Box of Blessings.

Perfect for gift-giving, these beautifully designed cards are sure to bless and encourage those who use them. Each box contains 50 double-sided cards with encouraging prayers from the Bible printed on one side and space for a handwritten message on the back.

Share the prayers printed on these cards with people that you are praying for to assure them of your care, or gift the whole box to someone who needs some encouragement, like a student, a new mom, or someone with health needs. The handy-sized yet sturdy box makes it easy to slip into a purse or bag. Give it someone new to the faith who wants to learn how to pray or to someone who needs the words to pray when they are just too overwhelmed to pray themselves. It makes a beautiful graduation gift to take with to college or any other new adventure a friend embarks on.

  • Soft peach pallet floral design
  • Prayer & Praise Collection
  • Each box shrinkwrapped
  • 50 double-sided cards
  • Space to write personal message
  • Box Size: 3.8" x 2.7" x 1.1" (97 x 69 x 28mm)
  • Card Size: 3.4" x 2.3" (87 x 58mm)

BX107 Let Your Light Shine

Take the Let Your Light Shine Box of 101 Blessings wherever you go and always have an encouraging word right at your fingertips.

The box is decorated in a fun floral design and accented with a soft green lid. The lettering on the lid is gold foiled.

101 Blessings

The sentiment is taken from the Gospel of Mathew and centered on the front of the Box of Blessings.
Let your light shine 

Matthew 5:16

Designed with the intent to encourage and inspire others, these cards are the perfect reminders that God is always near. These cards are an excellent way to spread a little encouragement to anyone. Each card features a beautiful full-color watercolor design and a Scripture verse.

Whether given as a gift or for personal use, these cards are the perfect addition to the person looking to continually stay immersed in the Word. Use the cards as encouragement for others, as a bookmark, or as a way to memorize Scripture. Keep them in your car, or place a meaningful verse on the refrigerator or mirror where you can see it.

The Let Your Light Shine Box of 101 Blessings is part of the Let Your Light Shine Collection that includes trinket trays, key rings, a tote bag, ceramic mugs, magnetic bookmarks, and magnets.

Share the Let Your Light Shine Box of 101 Blessings with coworkers, friends, or family members that just need an encouraging word from the LORD. These little boxes are just the right size to add to a teacher gift, gift basket for a mom, or as a stocking stuffer. The Let Your Light Shine Box of 101 Blessings will be a blessing to a good friend.

  • Full-color watercolor design 
  • Let Your Light Shine Collection
  • 51 double-sided cards 
  • Sturdy box with lid 
  • Card size: 3.4" x 2.3" (87 x 58 mm) 
  • Box size: 3.8" x 2.7" x 1.1" (97 x 69 x 28 mm)

BX128 Grace for Each Day

Grace For Each Day Box of Blessings is a little box filled with cards that turn your focus to the beautiful blessings in your life and help you to meditate on inspirational Scripture verses. It is also a handy way to share your gratitude and God's grace with a friend by simply writing a sweet message on the back of one of the cards.

These 51 Double-sided cards will go a long way to cultivate an attitude of gratitude, meditate on the specially selected Scripture verses that focus on grace and gratitude and reflect on the countless blessings in your life or give a handwritten message to someone special and spread cheerful blessings, hope and encouragement.

Each double-sided card has Scripture printed on the front and a space to add a handwritten message on the back. Pair this Box of Blessings with the accompanying Gratitude Journal to create a beautiful gift any mother, friend, sister or teacher will enjoy.

  • Box Size: 3.8" x 2.7" x 1.1" (97 x 69 x 28mm)
  • Card Size: 3.4" x 2.3" (87 x 58mm)
  • 51 Double-sided Cards
  • Boxes Individually Shrink-wrapped

BX122 Promises to Bless Your Soul

Be inspired by the special reminders of God's powerful promises collected in the Promises to Bless Your Soul Box of Blessings. 50 Double-sided cards allow you to read a promise on the front of each card and make a note or write a message on the back. Use these cards as a handout to remind others of God's promises or use it as a log to track God's faithfulness in your own life by making notes on the back of the card.

These beautifully designed cards are perfect for gift-giving and are sure to encourage and bless the recipients. The front of each card features a delicate floral design in pink hues while the back of each card is lined to allow for a heartfelt handwritten message or note. The sturdy box will keep these promises both safe and handy. These cards make an excellent gift for those who like to read Scripture verse for comfort. Its a quick and easy read for a new mom stressed for quiet time or a student going off to College. Take these cards to work with you and keep them in your drawer for those times you need to fall back on the promises of God.

  • Soft Pink Floral Design
  • Prayer & Praise Collection
  • Each Box Shrinkwrapped
  • 50 Double-sided cards
  • Space to Write Personal Message
  • Card Size: 3.39" x 2.24" (86 x 57mm)
  • Box Size: 3.82" x 2.6

BX116 For I Know The Plans

Grow the graduate’s faith in the Lord with the Box Of Blessings: For I Know The Plans – Jeremiah 29:11. A thoughtful gift for graduation, Father’s Day or a birthday, he will feel loved and appreciated with these daily encouragement cards. Each blessings card includes a faith-filled message with a corresponding verse and Scripture reference on the other side of the Christian card. The graduate can read one in the morning before kicking off a busy day or soak up His wisdom by reading one before going to bed. Their spirits will be reassured and soothed each time they read from the For I Know The Plans Box Of Blessings, and they will strengthen their relationship with their Father. 

The 50 double-sided box of blessings cards are shrink-wrapped and protected in clear packaging, and are inside a navy and gold gift box with a graduation cap image.

  • Box Size: 3.8" x 2.7" x 1.1" (97 x 69 x 28mm)
  • Card Size: 3.4" x 2.3" (87 x 58mm)
  • 50 Doubled-sided Cards
  • Navy and Gold Box Individually Shrink-wrapped

Christian Art Gifts Blessing In A Box - Assorted