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Duke Cannon Big Ass Brick of Soap

Big brick bar soaps are designed to meet the high standards of hard working men who want to get clean and smell good without using feminine shower gels or perfumed body wash. At 10 ounces, our men's bar soap is 3x bigger than feminine soaps. Triple milled for superior quality. Steel cut grains for max grip-ability and manly exfoliation.

- Bay Rum

Unlike your Grandpa's Bay Rum, Duke Cannon's option is sunny and bright. Notes of citrus musk, cedarwood, and island spices form an invigorating blend that give you the sense that you're somewhere slightly more relaxing than a cube or a shop floor.

- Gun Smoke

The whiff you’ll get isn’t exactly metallic Cordite; rather, notes of smoked wood, bourbon vanilla, and charred leather combine to form a rich, slightly smoky scent that reminds you of a successful morning spent alongside your favorite fellow sportsmen.

- Productivity

A soap with a hint of menthol to cool the skin and wake him up so he can get things done. This superior grade bar soap has a fresh mint smell and contains steel cut grains for maximum grip.

- Naval Diplomacy

Smells Like Naval Diplomacy (refreshing ocean scent)

- Victory

Clean, fresh scent with a hint of grass) and contains steel cut grains for maximum grip-ability.