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Evergreen Bird Cage Door Decor

This one has so many Creative Details. It is Called¬†ūüē≥¬†Bird Cage Welcome¬†¬†ūüē≥¬†¬†It is shaped like a Bird Cage and Features beautiful 3-Dimensional Gold Butterflies on a Delightful Birdcage and 3-Dimensional Beautiful flowers¬†and it reads " Welcome to our Home".

It can be hung on doors, walls or even in your Garden as a decorative accent.

This unique piece is made of a Burlap and mixed-material fabrication, with many embellishments, and embroidered details.

It is weather and fade resistant.

It is 17" x 27" inches ( not including the Hanger ).

This one is a Beautiful Delightful Door Hanger and is just a must for your Home.

 17" Wide x 27" Long ( not including Hanger )

Item No 2DHE1283

Evergreen Bird Cage Door Decor

$30.00 $54.99