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 Ladies Adjustable Aluminum Crystal "Sugar Cane"


by Jacqueline Kent


Beautifully decorated with colorful Austrian crystals for the "Fashionistas with aging hips & knees"


Cane may be adjusted to height

Designed and assembled in Canada 

Silver-Black JKC106.SIBK
AB jKC106.AB
Silver JKC103.SI
Hematite JKC103.HEM
Leopard Silver JKC108.LEPSI
Leopard Gold JKC108.LEPGO
Black JKC108.BK
Hematite AB JKC111.HEMAB
Silver Gold JKC111.SIGO
Black Silver With Mirror JKC111.BKSI

JacquelineKent Adjustable Aluminum Crystal Cane Sugar Canes

$99.99 $110.00