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Jane Marie Karsyn Earrings

Orange Circle With Gold Circle White Half Circle Earrings, JM70206E, 1" Top to Bottom

White Teardrop With Gold Edged Bottom Earring JM70216E, 1" top to bottom

White Circle With Gold Leopard Print Arch, JM70211E,  1.5" Top to Bottom

White Circle, White With Black Accents Triangle, Gold Triangle, JM70208E, 1.75" Top to bottom

Gold Disk with Polymer Rainbow, JM70207E, 1.5" Top to bottom

White With Gold Fleck Square With Open Gold Circle, JM70209E, 1.5" Top to bottom

White Disk, White Square with Black Lines & Gold Rectangle, JM70213E, 2" Top to bottom

Textured Gold Half Circle, Circle with Gold and Black Leopard Pattern, JM70215E, 2" Top to bottom

White Circle with Gold Open Half Circle & White Teardrop, JM70214E, 2.25" Top to bottom

Jane Marie Karsyn Earrings