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Myra Bag White Elixir Key Fob Heart

Why should keys look plain old grey or golden when you can light them up with our heartshaped Key Fob.  It's so lovable that you'll never lose sight of them. Size 8x7"

Style No S-2310

Myra Bag Little Secret Keychain

Make a bold statement with this leopard print keychain. The gold specks blend really well with the background and it will be perfect for gifting. Size 9x8"

Style S-2941

Myra Bag Heartfelt Keychain

This adorable little heart-shaped keychain will add a spark to your keys. The golden specks stand out against the black background and the brass hardware gives it a robust quality. Size 9x8"

Style S-2939

Myra Bag Manifest Keychain

If you are looking for a delicate design for your keychain then this will be an ideal choice. The colors are basic but the combination of snake print cowhide will make your keychain stand out. Size 9x8"

Style S-2940

Because of the material used, slight variations in the product from the picture may occur.

Myra Bag Key Fob Heart Shape