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Myra Bag Tassel Charms

Tassel Me Bag Charm

White tassels that further highlight your bag, leaving you in a spotlight of impressed looks. This is one fashion statement that will create a chain reaction for more to follow! Size 3.75x.75"

Style S-2312

Charcoal Charm Bag Charm

A charm to woo your emotions, this accessory will give your bag a panache. We know how much looking good can matter and we don't stop at general but take that one extra step to make you 'the' topic of talk. Size 3.75x.75"

Style S-2313

Quintessential Bag Charm

Presenting a pretty charm to have a molten hot affair with anything you like to carry your personal belongings in. It's never too late to stamp your imprint in the fashion realm. Bonus: It has a key chain ring too! Size 3.75x.75"

Style S-2314

Princess Charming Bag Charm

Little things can make a huge difference in your personality by speaking the message that you like to take care of every aspect, that even your bag has an accessory to look one of a kind! Size 3.75x.75"

Style S-2315

Myra Bag Tassel Charms