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Hot Shot - Boxer Brief

[ Saxx Underwear ]

- How They Fit

Featuring a Relaxed Fit – form-fitting through the butt and thighs, with extra ease at the leg opening – Hot Shot cooling underwear also includes a fly for quick and easy access. Plus, with the patented BallPark Pouch™, your balls are in for a major boost.

- How They Work

Hot Shot – an outdoor-driven performance pair featuring our proprietary DropTemp™ technology. Designed to beat the heat (scratch that – completely crush it), Hot Shot uses a highly breathable, quick-dry technology that amplifies your body’s natural cooling capacity. Along with strategically placed mesh panels that increase airflow in high heat zones, this black cooling underwear eclipses anything else you’ve ever experienced. Built for a wide range of sport and outdoor activities, DropTemp™ makes a day-hike through Death Valley feel like a walk in the park.

DropTemp™ boosts your body’s natural cooling capacity by (drumroll) evaporating your sweat. (Ta da!) It’s the whole package when it comes to keeping yours cooler.

- Built In Tech

Other features include non-chafing Flat Out Seams™, Three-D Fit™ 9-panel construction, and a breathable fabric that’s both quick-dry and odor resistant.





Saxx Underwear - Hot Shot Boxer Brief