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Sincere Surroundings Talking Sticks Assorted 

Solid wood styled with fabulous design make these artful signs perfect for gift giving.
• Sit on your favorite shelf for easy display.
• Measures approximately 16” x 1.25” x 0.5”
• Made of real wood with white finish on all sides where printed art doesn’t appear.
• Proudly designed, printed and handcrafted in our small town shop in Rock Rapids, IA — USA.
• Top Seller.
• Great gift item.

Styles: (Some pictures are sample pictures: State will be Missouri, Town Poplar Bluff)

  • TLK1740 Missouri Awesome Since 1821
  • TLK003 No Place Like Home (Missouri)
  • TLK1115 Home Missouri
  • TLK1142 Sometimes I Open My Mouth & My Mother Comes Out
  • TLK1173 Living The Dream in Poplar Bluff
  • TLK1173-FARM Living The Dream On The Farm
  • TLK1174 Missouri Born + Raised + Proud
  • TLK1214 Rescued Is my Favorite Breed
  • TLK1218 Kid You're Going to Be Great
  • TLK1249 The Best Journeys Lead you Home (Missouri)
  • TLK1276 I Want to be a Stay At Home Dog Mom
  • TLK1310 Blame It on my Missouri roots 
  • TLK1312 Home is the Best Place to Be. (Missouri)
  • TLK1316 It's Good to be Home Poplar Bluff
  • TLK1370 Dogs Are my Favorite People
  • TLK1387 In Missouri We Don't Hide Crazy
  • TLK1582 Yes! I Really Do Need all These Dogs
  • TLK1586 Welcome Hope
  • TLK1589 Walk by Faith
  • TLK1602 I am not an early bird or a night owl...I'm some form of permanently exhausted pigeon.
  • TLK1612 Don't be Gross...Wash Your Hands
  • TLK1619 Boy Life, Always Crushing it.
  • TLK1657 Be Thankful
  • TLK1683 Cultivate Kindness
  • TLK1742 Shine Bright, Little Lady
  • TLKCustom: happiness is Coffee and a Sunrise


Sincere Surroundings Talking Sticks Assorted