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Tyler Glamorous Wash | Diva

Diva is a warm and complex fragrance overflowing with delicious fruits and rich florals. Rich aromatic chocolate and amber complete this luscious blend!! It’s her world…we just live in it.

Tyler Glamorous Wash laundry detergent comes in 5 sizes:
3.78 Liters(128 oz), 1.89 Liters (67 oz), 907 grams (32 oz), 454 grams (16 oz) and 112 grams (4 oz)

The amount you should use per load of laundry is 1/3 of a cup however, depending on your preference, you might want to use more or less. Some people desire a stronger scent and use more Glamorous Wash.

Either way, a gallon size would wash between 40-50 loads, while a small size makes the perfect gift.

The 3.78 Liters is not available for shipping. (Pickup in store only.)

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Tyler Glamorous Wash | Diva