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Vintage Look Mini Wireless Bluetooth Speakers


Vintage Mini Wireless transmission technology, high efficiency and stable wireless transmission, strong anti-interference performance. 

This product is made with love and is created for completing your home/office interior design. Our specialists paid attention to every single detail when making this item. The flawless combination of white and silver, the unique design will take you to the world of beautiful memories and emotions. Easy regulation is provided by the 360 degree knob. Nothing will divert your attention from listening to your favorite music. So, enjoy amazing music anytime, anywhere.

​It connects to any device due to its BLUETOOTH 4.1 connection. The phone wireless control box is compatible with mobile phones, tablet computers, televisions and laptops.

EASY CHARGING: Built-in 400mA lithium battery works 5 hours and charges for 2 hours: large capacity, low energy consumption, stable performance.

Available in five colors: Black, Dark Green, Off White, Pink and Turquoise.


Vintage Look Mini Wireless Bluetooth Speakers