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The Warmies. Soft heat.  Lavendar Infused.

Warmies are heat accumulators that can be heated in a microwave oven or in a traditional oven, as they are made of specific materials that are microwave-safe and heat-resistant.

In addition, they can be used to cool off: just wrap them in a plastic bag and leave them in the freezer compartment for about a couple of hours.

The Warmies are available in many models: the lumbar strips, the animals neck warmer, the slippers foot warmers and a wide range of thermal stuffed animals.

The special blend of millet and lavender gives wellness and has a calming and relaxing effect.

Ideal as an aid to fall asleep better, they are a perfect alternative to rubber thermal bags and electric thermal blankets thanks to their simpler, faster and above all safer ways of use.

The padding is made of 100% natural products.

The heat is stored for a long time and gradually released. They heat up in the microwave oven in just 90 seconds at 800 watts of power; the heat is released in 90 minutes.

Warmies are also ideal for use in place of the ice bag to relieve swelling and sprains or fever.


Before using the product, remove the information label. It is recommended not to heat more Warmies® products at the same time.

It is possible that the product releases moisture during the heating phase; this phenomenon disappears after 3-4 steps in a microwave and / or traditional oven.

Heat in the microwave for 90 seconds at 800 watts of power .

Heat in the traditional oven for 10 minutes at 100 ° C ; insert the stuffed animal into a plate or a baking dish before placing it in the oven.


How do Warmies warm up?

There are two ways to warm up the Warmies:

MICROWAVE OVEN: 800 Watts of power for 90 seconds.

TRADITIONAL OVEN: Maximum 100 ° for 10 minutes.

Warning! Put the stuffed animal in a baking dish before inserting it in the oven; make sure that the soft toy does not touch the oven walls and that the Grill mode is not active.

I can wash the Warmies

Yes: all the Warmies are dry cleanable. The plushes of the EXTRACTABLE line are also machine washable, after extracting the bag containing lavender and millet.

Can Warmies only heat up?

No: Warmies can also be placed in the freezer to relieve the fever or in case of bruises. Simply insert the soft toy into a plastic bag and place it in the freezer for at least an hour.

How warm are the Warmies?

If warmed up properly, the Warmies remain warm for more than an hour; this depends, however, on the temperature of the environment in which the Warmies are used.

Can children of all ages use Warmies?

Yes. Warmies can also be used by newborns.

For the little ones, however, it is advisable to use a plush short hair or a soft toy of one of the following lines: MINIONS, SOCKY DOLL, DELUXE.

What is the stuffing of the Warmies made of?

Inside, the Warmies consist of a mixture of lavender and millet: the millet holds the heat to gradually diffuse it, while the scent of lavender has a calming and relaxing effect.

Is it normal for the plush to be moist once it has been extracted from the oven?

Yes. It is possible that the product releases moisture during the heating phase; this phenomenon, absolutely natural, disappears completely after 3 or 4 steps in the microwave. It is therefore not in any way a quality defect, on the contrary it depends on the fact that the padding is 100% natural (mixture of millet and lavender).

Are the Warmies safe?

Yes. All Warmies stuffed animals comply with the toy safety directives EN 71-1 / 2/3.


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